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Beach Club | Here Come the Bears

The Childrensalon Beach Club is open for a summer of fun, and everyone’s invited, including sunseekers of the furry variety. Now, a vacation isn’t a vacation without their favourite cuddly companion to enjoy it with, so this summer, three of our resident teddy bears are grabbing their toy passports and jetting off on a sunshine getaway. And they need your help to make it the best trip yet!


To get your little one summer ready, we’re giving you the chance to win their Childrensalon wardrobe. All you have to do is take a picture of their cuddly companion on vacation (or staycation) and share it with us on Instagram. You might even find their own fun-packed toy passport in your next Childrensalon order to use as a prop! So, read on to meet our furry friends and find out how to enter. Bon voyage!


Images by Childrensalon 

15 Apr 2024

Meet Wilbur the Globetrotting Bear

Wilbur's suitcase is always packed with sunglasses, a colourful hat and matching PJs for his human companion.

What are the bear necessities you take on your vacation?

I never go anywhere without my bucket and spade. I like to dig holes in the sand; sometimes I’ll even curl up in one for a little afternoon siesta. My human companion and I also make sure to pack our favourite pair of matching pyjamas.


What are your favourite vacation activities?

I like to climb trees; you get an amazing view of the scenery up high in the treetops. But I have to remember that my human friend isn’t quite as good at climbing, so we keep most of our activities to ground level . . . I like hiking too.


What do you love most about travelling? 

Adventure! Ever since I was a cub, I have loved visiting new places. You never know what you’ll discover: a new favourite food, a new hobby, or you might even make a furever friend.

Introducing Amelia the Sightseeing Bear

Amelia loves to visit local markets and buy souvenirs for her friends back home in The Land of Toys.

Are you a busy bear on vacation?
All the good markets start early, and you know what they say, the early bear gets the honey! I also like to explore all the local sights — I’m only a little bear, so I hop into my human friend’s backpack when my paws get a bit tired.


What souvenirs do you like to buy on vacation?

I love sampling the local delicacies when I go on my vacation. Although, one year, the bees weren’t too happy about me sticking my snout in the hive — ouch! — so I’ll be buying my honey from the market this time.


What clothes do you pack in your bear suitcase? 

I’m always on my paws when I travel, so I pack clothes made from light fabrics, like linen and cotton, plus they fold down nice and small so I can fit even more in my suitcase! I have an outfit for every adventure, and I always take a straw hat to match my bag!

Liewood - Pink Teddy Bear Sunglasses | ChildrensalonLiewood
Chloé - Girls Pink Cotton Ombré Towel (140cm) | ChildrensalonChloé
Mayoral - Girls Red Cotton Dress & Ivory Bag Set | ChildrensalonMayoral

Say Hello to Phileas the Worldly Bear

Phileas has lots of stamps in his toy passport. You’ll most likely find him relaxing with his snout in a good book.

As a keen explorer, where’s the best place you’ve visited?

Bearbados; Bearlize; Bearzil; I’ve been to so many places, it’s hard to choose just one favourite. I’ve got lots of stamps in my toy passport and plan to add even more this summer. Next stop: The Childrensalon Beach Club!


How do you keep cool in the heat?

As you can imagine, having two layers of fur gets unbearlievably hot on a sunny day. So, I like to cool off with a dip in the pool — sometimes I get a few funny looks; it’s like they’ve never seen a bear in a pair of sparkly swimming goggles before. 


What’s your favourite thing to eat on vacation? 

I mostly eat fruit, nuts and roots, but when I go on vacation, I like to try new things. I had my first taste of gelato when I visited Italy last year. It was delicious and sweet, but it made my snout very cold. Brrrr! I had to hop on a sunlounger to warm up.

How to Enter:

To get your little ones set for sunshine season, we're giving you the chance to win a £500 gift card to spend on their Childrensalon summer wardrobe. And they'll need their cuddly companions to lend a helping paw.


All you need to do is:


  • Set up a fun picture of their toy on vacation, at home or away. You can take a photo of the toy on its own or get the whole family involved.
  • Have fun with it! Use props to set the scene, you could even include some of their favourite Childrensalon accessories. 
  • Using Wilbur, Amelia and Phileas as inspiration, introduce your toy's name and their favourite summer activity.
  • Share the picture on your Instagram feed, tagging us @childrensalon #ChildrensalonFamily 
  • We'll pick our favourites and post them to Instagram. We'll then ask our community to vote for their winning snapshot, so make sure you’re following us to see if your photo is in the running. 


The bear essentials:

  • Deadline for entries is Friday, 28 June 2024, 23:59 (BST).
  • The prize is a £500 gift voucher (or equivalent currency).
  • By sharing your image, you consent to it being used across our social platforms and other marketing channels. 
  • We will select our shortlist and then the winner will be chosen by our Childrensalon community via an Instagram carousel post. 
  • The winner will be required to create a Childrensalon account to redeem the prize.
  • Country exclusions may apply.
  • Prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

    For full terms and conditions, click here.

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